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In this video, you will add more colors to your spreadsheet.

Each rule you make adds one color. If you set five rules for five numbers, you will have five colors. You can add or change colors later if you need different ones for your art.

To begin, add another color to your project.

Select all of the cells in the sheet. Add another new rule.

Check the range... And select “is equal to”.

Enter the number you want to use.

And set the fill color. Test your rule by typing the number into the spreadsheet. Repeat the process until you’ve added a rule for every color that you want to add. Remember to select all of the cells before adding another rule. Try to add at least five colors to your spreadsheet. Make sure you use a different number for each color. Test your rules by typing the numbers you chose in the cells. Now, it’s your turn: Add at least 5 color rules, And practice adding colors to your project’s cells.


  1. Add at least 5 color rules.
  2. Practice adding colors to your project’s cells.