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Narratives are a part of our everyday lives.

From the way we communicate history to stories in literature, film and television, narratives tell about events in the lives of real and imagined people.

Thinking about the narrative helps you to visualize the plot one major event or part at a time.

In this video, you will create a presentation of a narrative plot structure.

Organizing the plot structure in a series of slides allows you to briefly explain each part of the plot in order.

To begin, select a novel, short story, or other narrative to visualize.

Your teacher may assign a narrative, or it may be one you are currently studying in class.

You can also choose a narrative on your own, such as a historical event or a film.

You could even do this for a story you write yourself, or one you are planning to write.

Next, open your presentation.

Then, choose a theme for your presentation.

Using a theme sets up a format and color scheme for the slides in your presentation.

You can then place text in the same places in each slide.

Your presentation will be more organized as you create it and when you share it.

A theme also adds to the appeal of your presentation.

When you choose your theme, think about how it might relate to the narrative you are visualizing.

A simple theme might help make your presentation easy to follow.

A more complex or colorful theme might fit well with the events of the story you have read.

Give your presentation a title and subtitle.

The title can be the topic of your presentation or the title of the narrative.

Or you can combine them.

The subtitle can be your name or another important piece of information about the presentation.


  1. Select a narrative.
  2. Choose a theme for your presentation.
  3. Add a title and subtitle.