6. Make a Storyboard in Google Slides Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created a visual outline of a narrative’s plot structure.

Knowing about narrative structures, such as plot structures, can help you analyze any story.

The story may come from a book or from history or current events.

Knowing how narratives progress from one event to the next makes it easier to understand the whole story regardless of where it comes from.

Being able to visualize and present a narrative can help you organize the important ideas of the narrative.

This may help you improve your critical thinking skills when you look closely at the narratives in both history and current events.

First, you set up a slide presentation.

Next, you added one slide for each point in the plot structure.

Then, in the slides, you summarized each point from the narrative, added images, and formatted the text.

You can use all of these skills to work on presentations about narratives or for different projects for school, work, or home that might fit well in a slide presentation.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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