1. Introduction to Make a Storyboard in Google Slides

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Stories and other narratives are powerful and can be told in different ways.

A narrative structure is the way in which a narrative is told.

Stories, movies, historical events, and even events in your own life all have a narrative structure.

Organizing and sequencing events in a narrative is something you often have to do for school assignments, such as summarizing the plot of a novel you have read.

The plot is the organization of the events in a narrative.

In this lesson, you will create a storyboard of a narrative using a slide presentation.

You can do this with a short story or novel, or for a historical event.

You can also storyboard a science experiment that you are documenting or something that happened at school or in your personal life.

This lesson uses Google Slides, but you could apply these skills and concepts in most other presentation applications or even on paper.

To work on this lesson, sign in to your Google account.

Open a new tab in your browser, and navigate to google.com If you are not signed in, do so now.

If you do not have a Google account, pause the video and create one.

To begin, open your Google Drive.

Next, create a new Google Slides presentation and rename it.


  1. Open a new presentation.
  2. Rename the presentation.