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Add Transitions to Your Presentation

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When you create a presentation, you want to make it both organized and appealing.

You also want to smoothly connect the individual slides into a cohesive story.

Transitions can help.

A transition is a change from one slide to the next.

Adding transitions to each slide in your narrative structure presentation will help your audience see each step individually.

The transitions will also make a connection from one part of the plot to the next.

In this video, you will add transitions to the slides in your presentation.

To begin, open your presentation.

Then, add a transition to the Title slide.

There are different types of transitions you can add to a slide.

Try different transitions to see which one fits best with your presentation.

You can add each transition and then play it to see how the slide looks.

You can apply a different transition to each slide or use a pattern of transitions.

Using different transitions or a pattern of transitions can be interesting to look at.

But be thoughtful: if you use too many transitions, it can distract the audience from the narrative structure details on the actual slides.

You can preview your transitions at any time.

You can also apply the same transition to each slide.

Applying the same transition may not be as visually exciting, but it can keep the focus on the parts of the narrative and show how they are connected.

You can adjust the speed of the transitions as well.

Adjusting the speed changes how quickly one slide transitions to the next.

A speed that is too slow may be distracting to the audience.

Because transitions are used to move from one slide to the next, they should happen at a quick pace.

You can adjust the speed setting so that the audience will notice the transition but still focus on the slide details.

When you have adjusted your transitions, play your presentation.

Think about how it will appear to an audience as they view your narrative structure.

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