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Add Speaker Notes to Your Presentation

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In this video, you will add speaker notes to the slides in your presentation.

Adding speaker notes allows you to include notes for your presentation that only you can see.

When you share a presentation with your class or another group, you can use these notes to tell about specific details in your slides as you show them.

This will give your audience a better idea of the overall structure of your narrative as well as the narrative’s individual parts.

To begin, open your presentation.

Then, begin adding speaker notes.

Speaker notes can be about anything you want to share with your audience that is related to the overall presentation or an individual slide.

They can be directions to yourself as well if you plan on showing or saying anything that is not included in the slide presentation.

Continue adding speaker notes to each slide as needed.

Most slides should not contain a lot of text, so speaker notes are a way to help you say more without requiring your audience to read too much.

You might have more than one speaker note in a slide.

If you want to share each note at a different point as you present, you can add markers, such as asterisks, in the slide text.

Then you can use the same marker symbol for the speaker note to match the slide text.

Create a different symbol for each additional note on the same slide.

Continue adding speaker notes to any slides that you want to share additional details about.

Or that you want to give yourself a reminder for.

When you have finished adding your speaker notes, use them as you practice your presentation.

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