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Add Animations to Your Presentation

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Slide presentations are a great way to explain the narrative structure of a book, movie, or event.

One way to make your slides more appealing is to add animations.

An animation is a way to add movement to the text and images as they appear or disappear in your slides.

Using animations can bring added focus and attention to the narrative structure details in your presentation, and hold your audience’s interest.

In this video, you will add animations to the slides in your presentation.

To begin, open your presentation.

You can add animations to the title slide or begin with the slide containing the first part of your narrative structure.

Begin adding animations to your slides.

You can add animations to one object at a time.

Each slide in your presentation has a separate box for each image or block of text.

When you click an object, you are selecting one of those boxes.

Then, look at the options for adding an animation to the object you selected.

Each option will cause the object you select to appear or disappear in a certain way.

Play and test animations as you add them to each object.

Continue adding animations to the objects in your slides.

Options that include the word “in” make objects appear and options with the word “out” make objects disappear.

If you animate more than one object, you can choose the order for the animations to appear in.

Starting with a title or heading can introduce the part of the narrative structure in the slide.

Ending with your description might help your audience remember the description details better.

You can also choose how to present each animation.

Using the “click” option will give you full control over when each object appears.

You might use this if you plan to pause to explain each object in your slide.

The other options will cause an object to appear either after or at the same time as another object in the slide.

You might have one object appear after another to show sequence.

Having objects appear at the same time can show a connection between the objects.

You can change the speed at which the objects will animate.

Select a speed that will allow your audience to see each animation clearly without slowing down your presentation too much.

Continue adding animations.

Using the same animation pattern on each slide will make your presentation easier to follow without distracting your audience with too many changes.

Play your presentation to check your animations.

Adjust your animation settings as needed.

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