3. Add Slides to Outline Narrative Structure

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In this video, you will add slides to your presentation to create a storyboard for your narrative.

Most stories tend to follow a five-step pattern from the beginning of the narrative to the end.

While these are the typical parts of a narrative’s plot structure, not every story follows this same pattern.

You should consider these points a useful guide, but you might find they do not fit with the plot structure of your story.

Historical events, news stories, and events in real life can all have their own unique structures as well.

Add a slide after your Title slide.

Using the Title and body layout for the slide will allow you to add a title now.

You will then add information to match each part of your outline later.

Add a title to your new slide.

If you are completing an outline for a different type of narrative, you can change “Exposition” to something different, such as a transition word like “First” for a historical event.

Or the question “Who?” for a news story.

Next, add a slide and a title for each of the four remaining plot structure parts.

Change each title as needed to fit your own outline.


  1. Open your presentation.
  2. Add at least five slides.
  3. Add titles to each slide.