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In this video, you will add images to your presentation and format the words and images in your slides.

You can enhance the look of the overall presentation by adding images and formatting your slides.

Formatting slides can make them more visually appealing.

A well-formatted presentation can also guide your audience’s attention to your most important points.

Adding an image to a slide can help your audience better understand the information you are sharing.

An image can also make a presentation more interesting to view.

To begin, find an image for your Exposition slide.

Choose an image that fits with the narrative summary.

Search for the image and make sure you have the right to use the image.

Then, add the image to your slide.

Next, adjust the size and placement of the image and text to organize the slide.

You can arrange the text and image in the way that best suits your purpose and audience.

Continue adding images that you have the right to use to the other slides in your presentation.

You do not have to include an image in each slide.

Some presentations may require more text, leaving little room for images.

Or it may not be suitable for certain narratives to include images.

If you do include images, they do not have to come directly from the narrative you are summarizing.

Use any image that supports your description.

When you choose a theme for your presentation, it includes a font for the text.

You can adjust the font if you would like, or change the style, size, or color of some of the text.

Formatting the text allows you to emphasize specific words or sentences.

Look through your slides and format the text.

Headings and titles, such as the names of the plot structure points, are one possible place to add emphasis.

If a slide does not have a lot of text, you can increase the text size.

However, you do not have to format text on every slide.

After formatting your text, you can review your presentation.

Play it so you can decide if it is ready to be viewed by an audience.


  1. Add images to your slides.
  2. Format the text in your slides.
  3. View your presentation.