4. Make a Promotional Flyer Wrap-Up

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When you are working on a big project to make your school or community a better place, it's important to get support.

You want to let everyone around you know about the work your group is doing, so they can take an interest in your efforts and maybe even help out and join in!

In this lesson, you created a flyer to advertise and get support for a community project you are working on with your class or a group.

Creating a promotional flyer is a great way to spread the word about a project you are taking part in.

The flyer you created has details about your project that can inform others, get them interested, and perhaps persuade them to become involved!

To create your flyer, you set up your page, You added, formatted, and aligned text, You added, formatted, and aligned images, And you changed the background color.

You can apply the digital skills from this lesson to create flyers for other purposes as well.

Flyers are often used to advertise something for sale, Or a local event.

No matter what you use it for, a promotional flyer is an effective way to spread information and enthusiasm and gain help and support for your efforts.

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Certificate of Completion

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