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2. Add Project Details to Your Flyer

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In this video, you will add and format text in your flyer.

While flyers should be colorful, appealing, and interesting to look at, when people read your flyer, they should learn something about your project as well.

Adding text to describe and explain your project will help readers better understand its purpose.

Big projects often need volunteers or supporters, so use your flyer to encourage others to join your group in your efforts.

To begin, add a text box to your flyer.

Then, add text to your text box.

The text at the top of your flyer should get people’s attention and communicate your project’s purpose in an interesting way.

To help people notice your text, change the font and size.

Changing your text to all capital letters is one way to make it easier to see and read.

You can also change the color of your text.

Choose a color that you think will look good on a flyer and that gain people’s attention.

You can highlight some of your text to add even more emphasis to it.

Next, add text in another text box to tell more about your project.

You should include at least one text box that clearly states what your project is about and what people can do to help.

Then, format the text. You can choose a different font, color, and style.

Or you can keep certain things the same.

Add emphasis to words or sentences that you want people to notice.

You want others to learn about your project while also thinking about supporting or volunteering for your cause.

Be sure to include important details about your project that people might need to know to participate. You might include the time, date, and location if there’s a specific event.

If people need to bring something with them to participate, you can include that information as well.

Adding bullets to project details can make them more organized and easier to follow.

After you have added all of your project information, align the text boxes. This keeps all of your information neatly arranged.

You can also center the text in the text boxes to keep your information looking organized.

Now, it’s your turn: Add project details in two or more text boxes, Format the text, And align the text and text boxes.


  1. Add project details in two or more text boxes.
  2. Format the text.
  3. Align the text and text boxes.