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3. Add Images to Gain Project Supporters

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In this video, you will add an image to your flyer to make it look more complete and visually appealing.

An image is a great way to bring more attention to your project.

Images provide visual details that can help people make connections to the purpose of your project and your group’s efforts to complete it.

Images can often gain added attention that words alone cannot.

To complete a big project like yours, getting as much attention as possible is a good thing!

To begin, find an image to add to your flyer.

You can use an image from your phone or computer The image you choose should be suited to your project.

You can search the web for an appropriate image if you need to.

If you cannot find an exact image for your project, choose something that can act as a symbol for it.

Choose an image that represents your project in a way that anyone seeing your flyer will understand.

Search for the image, Review the search results, And choose an image for your flyer.

Make sure you have the right to use the image.

Add the image to your flyer.

Then, move the image and adjust its size to fit with the text in your flyer.

You want the image to be large enough to clearly see, but not so large that it takes the focus away from the project details. You can add more images if you choose.

You may need to move your text boxes to make room and align them with your image.

Next, change the background color. You can choose a color that your group has used or will use in other project materials. Or use your school colors or a color that looks good with the rest of your flyer.

Now, it’s your turn: Add an image to your flyer, Format and align it, And choose a background color.


  1. Add an image to your flyer.
  2. Format and align it.
  3. Choose a background color.