2. Translate the 50 Most Common English Nouns Into a New Language

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In this video, you will translate the fifty most common English nouns into another language of your choosing.

Instead of having to look up each word 1-by-1, you will use Google Translate to automatically translate the words.

To start, click on the list of languages next to this video.

Scroll through the options, then select a language.

Make a note of its function code.

A function code is made up of 2 letters that Google Translate has assigned to each language.

Now, return to the spreadsheet that you copied from the starter project.

Spreadsheets are made up of cells.

Cells are organized into rows and columns.

A row is a horizontal set of cells and is labeled with a number.

A column is a vertical set of cells and is labeled with a letter.

Click on row 1, and insert a header row above it.

Add a heading for the English words.

Next to it, add a heading for the language you have selected.

Make the header row bold.

Now, beneath your language header, begin typing the Google Translate function.

A function is a tool within a spreadsheet program.

It performs a calculation -- or finds related information, such as the translation of a word.

All functions begin with an equals sign.

Then, type “Google,”...

and select “Google Translate” from the options.

Inside the open parenthesis, type “A2” This references the row with the first English word you want to translate.

Type a comma, then the Google Translate code for English -- "EN" -- inside quotation marks.

Type another comma, then the code for the language you chose inside quotation marks.

Finally, end your function by closing the parenthesis.

Google Translate automatically looks up the word and translates it for you.

Sometimes you will even see characters or symbols that are not used in the English language.

These are usually accents, which tell you how to say the word properly.

The addition or removal of an accent mark can completely change the meaning of a word.

To continue translating the rest of the words, drag down the handle through all of the rows.

Google Translate is a practical tool and has many useful applications.

However, it’s not perfect.

Therefore, some of the words in your list may not be completely accurate.

If you were going to use these translations in the real world, it would be a good idea to consult a language teacher or check a dictionary to make sure the translations are correct.


  1. Choose a language from the list.
  2. Note its function code.
  3. Insert and bold headers.
  4. Use the Google Translate function to translate all 50 words.