3. Practice Pronouncing Words from a New Language

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In this video, you will learn the pronunciation of 5 words you choose from your list.

Pronunciation means the way a word is spoken -- or pronounced.

You will use Google Translate to find the pronunciations...

then add links to each webpage within your spreadsheet.

This will make practicing the pronunciation of your words quick and easy.

To begin, look through all of the words from the new language.

Which are you most interested in learning?

Choose 5 words to study further.

Highlight each one so they stand out from the rest of the list.

Now, copy the first word.

Then, open another browser tab, and go to translate.google.com Select the language you are studying from the list.

Paste in your word and press enter.

Click the listen icon.

Say the word out loud to practice how to pronounce it.

Sometimes, the translate tool will show you the phonetic spelling.

Phonetic spelling uses special marks to represent the different sounds made by the voice when speaking, and can also help you learn to pronounce a word.

Next, copy the webpage URL.

Return to your spreadsheet, and paste it in the cell next to the word from the new language.

Then, repeat the process for the 4 remaining words.

When you have pasted in all 5 links, add a header for “Pronunciation.”

Clip the URL's so they fit inside a single cell.

Finally, check your links so you can begin practicing the correct pronunciation of each of your 5 words.


  1. Choose five words to study further.
  2. Go to Google Translate, and copy the URLs for each word.
  3. Paste them into your spreadsheet.
  4. Create a Pronunciation header.
  5. Clip the URLs.