4. Create Flashcards to Help You Study

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In this video, you will create digital flashcards in Google Slides.

Creating flashcards in a digital presentation makes it easy to update them if you ever need to add or change the information.

To begin, open a new browser tab, and go to drive.google.com Create a new Google Slides presentation.

Choose a theme.

Some themes are colorful and fun; others are more serious. Select the one you like best.

Add a title that describes what you are studying.

Type your own name as the subtitle.

Next, insert another slide.

Choose a layout that has a large enough space to write the words you are studying.

Return to your spreadsheet...

and copy the first English word of the 5 you selected.

Then, in your presentation, click inside the text box and paste in the word.

Make the font large so it is easy to read.

Then, duplicate the slide.

Return to your spreadsheet.

Now, copy the same word translated in the new language.

In your presentation, paste it over the English word.

Paste without formatting to keep the same font size and style.

Then, repeat this process for the remaining 4 words you chose to study.

If any of the words don’t fit into the text box, make the box larger.

Preview your presentation from the beginning.

When the first English word appears, test yourself.

Say the corresponding word from the new language.

Click the next arrow.

Were you correct?


  1. Create a new Google Slides presentation.
  2. Choose a theme.
  3. Add a title and subtitle.
  4. Insert slides with each of your English words and their translations.
  5. Preview your presentation.