1. Introduction to Train a Computer

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In this lesson, you will use a machine learning app to train a computer to recognize a pattern.

Pattern recognition involves finding similarities or themes in a data set and using that information to solve complex problems more efficiently.

Patterns are all around us.

In fact, people use pattern recognition to accomplish everyday tasks: Reading a book is possible because we recognize the patterns in letters and words.

Driving to school in the morning is easier because of patterns you find in the daily commute.

And a doctor diagnoses an illness by recognizing patterns in human behavior.

In fact, most professionals are successful at their jobs because they have learned to recognize the right patterns quickly.

Humans are excellent at recognizing patterns.

And, as computers improve with machine learning, they get better at pattern recognition too.

For example, driverless cars are now able to identify timing and traffic changes faster than humans can.

In this video, you will use an app to simulate training a machine to identify images.

First, you will choose an item for the computer to identify.

Then, you will label the training data by selecting the images of the item you chose.

The computer will develop a model to recognize patterns in the data you provide.

You will run the model ...

Then, you will test the computer to see how well it recognized the patterns.

If necessary, you will make corrections to improve the computer’s accuracy.

To get started, open the app by clicking the link.

Then, follow the directions in the app to train the computer to recognize patterns and images.

When you finish, move on to the next video.

Now, it’s your turn: Use the machine learning app to train a computer to recognize images.


  1. Follow the directions in the machine learning app linked below to train a computer to recognize objects.