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Create and Share Your Own Map

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In the main lesson, you created an online map with Google My Maps to track the travel habits of a pretend person.

In this extension, you will create a map of your own data.

Then, you will share it with a friend or family member.

On your map, you will include places you visit often -- or places you might like to go -- and add icons for each one.

Having this information available to you anytime you are online will make it possible to see live traffic and transit information, learn more about the locations you are traveling to, and share the information with someone you might like to join you there.

To start, open a new browser tab, and go to

Create a new map.

Give the map a title ... And a description.

Now, type in the first address you’d like to add to your map.

If you don’t know the exact address for the location, type its name and choose the correct place from the menu.

Add it to the map.

Next, add a marker icon to identify this location on your map.

Click on the address.

Select the icon you want to represent the location.

If you don’t see what you want in the list, choose “more icons” and search for it.

Change the icon’s color.

Now, type in another address that you would like to add to your map.

Add it...

And choose a marker icon and color for this location.

Zoom out to show both locations.

Continue adding places and assigning markers and colors.

Once you have added at least five locations to your map, share it with a friend or family member.

Enter their email address.

Then, select “can view” from the privacy settings.

This way, they can see your map, but not make any changes.

Great job!

Now you have a map that can help you get places more efficiently and you shared it with someone so they can join you.

Now it’s your turn: Create and title a new map.

Add at least five locations that you visit or want to visit.

Give each place a marker and color.

And share your map with a friend or family member.

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Create and Share Your Own Map

Dig deeper into My Maps -- create your own driving habit doc, then add icons to your own map. Share with someone.