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2. Create and Test Your Form

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In this video, you will create a survey that collects ratings from your classmates about items in a category.

You will add questions and images to your survey.

In a later video, you will analyze the data you collect use it to predict users’ ratings for other items in the same category.

First, think about categories of items you might want to recommend to others.

You could choose: Vacation spots, Pets, Music, Hats, Restaurants, Books, Flowers, Movies, Or another category that you’d like to explore.

Once you have chosen a category, ask your users to rate each item on a scale of one to five, with one meaning they dislike the item and five meaning they like it very much.

Then, add an image for the first question.

Search the internet for an item in the category you picked.

Make sure you have the right to use the image.

Then, add the item you are asking about.

Type “Item 1” and a brief title for your image.

Change the answer type to linear scale.

Next, add labels for the first and last number in your scale.

To save time while creating additional survey questions, duplicate the first question and item description.

Delete the title and image.

Then, follow the same steps to add at least five more images, items, and rating scales to your form.

Make sure to only include items that fit in the category you chose.

For example, do not include images of pets and vacation spots.

It will be difficult to find a pattern with such different items.

And without a pattern, you will be unable to use the model to make reliable recommendations.

When you have at least six items, test your survey from a user’s perspective to make sure it is collecting data properly.

Preview your form ...

Fill it out ...

And click “Submit.”

Now, return to your form in editing mode.

Open your form responses.

Review the data in Google Forms ...

Or, create a spreadsheet of your data.

Now that you know your form is working properly, delete all responses so they don’t influence the data.

Also delete them from the spreadsheet.

Great job!

In the next video, your classmates will fill out your form, and the data will update automatically to include their responses.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a category of items.

Search for and add at least six images and items to your form.

Add a rating scale of 1 to 5 for each item.

Preview and fill out your form.

And delete your test responses from the form and spreadsheet.


  1. Choose a category of items.
  2. Search for and add at least six images and items to your form.
  3. Add a rating scale of 1 to 5 for each item.
  4. Preview and fill out your form.
  5. Delete your test responses from the form and spreadsheet.