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In this video, you will collect data from your classmates by asking them to respond to your form.

You could email a link to your form in order to collect this data.

But to make the process more efficient, you and your classmates will simply move from computer to computer to fill out each other’s forms.

Being able to collect numerous responses quickly will give you a lot of different perspectives, which makes the data more useful.

Select “Preview” to prepare your form on your own computer for your classmates to take.

Then, walk around the classroom to answer questions on each other’s forms.

Each time you complete someone’s survey, click “Submit.”

When you move to the next computer, click “Submit another response” to begin that survey.

Once each form has received at least ten responses, return to your own computers.

View your own form.

If it is not open on your computer screen, select it from your Drive.

Click “Responses.”

You should have at least ten.

If you don’t, ask more people to respond to your form.

Now, look at the data you collected.

What does it tell you?

Can you make any inferences yet?

In part two of this lesson, you will use the data you collected to create a recommendation system for the items in your category.

Now, it’s your turn: Preview your form.

Walk around the room to respond to your classmates’ forms.

Collect responses from at least ten people.

And review the responses.


  1. Preview your form.
  2. Walk around the room to respond to your classmates’ forms.
  3. Collect responses from at least ten people.
  4. Review the responses.