4. Introduce Yourself to Potential Employers Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you created a presentation in Google Slides to show a potential employer.

You learned about the benefits of using a slide deck to present yourself favorably to someone who may want to hire you. You: Chose a theme for your deck, Typed and formatted your name, Wrote an elevator pitch, Inserted two slides listing your education, experience, skills, and other accomplishments, Added bulleted lists on both slides to make the information easy to read, And included pictures of yourself doing an activity as an option.

After creating these slides, you ended up with a project that looks professional. All of the information you want to tell a potential employer is organized in one place.

If you think of other information you want to present, add more slides. However, don’t make your presentation too long or add slides just because you think a longer presentation will be impressive. Since you won’t want to just read the words on the slide, rehearse how you would present these slides when you are meeting with someone.

Consider what else you would mention about the information you included.

Allow time for a potential employer to ask questions and engage you in a conversation.

In addition to introducing yourself, you can create presentations for many other reasons.

You might make a case to persuade or inform someone, Or illustrate an idea for a class.

Congratulations on creating a presentation to introduce yourself to a potential employer! Now that you know how to build a slide deck, the options to use one are endless.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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