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In this extension, you will change the look of your slides using different themes, fonts, and colors. Experimenting with different styles helps you make sure that your presentation looks exactly the way you want it to. Depending on your audience, you may want to make your presentation look more formal for a professional meeting or more casual if you’re applying for a fun summer job.

To begin creating a formal version, sign in to your Google account and go back to your original project.

Make a copy of your project and rename it.

You will make changes to this new copy and compare it with the original project.

A professional theme provides a polished background to your presentation. Themes like this work well in job settings and other areas where you need to make a professional impression.

You can also switch the text to a more professional font, such as Times New Roman. This font is often used when creating formal documents like resumes.

Change the formatting of the text to make it stand out and easy to read.

Do the same with any other text on the slide.

If you’d like, change the background color of your deck’s theme.

Now, on the second slide, change the formatting of the text to a professional font, size, and color.

Do the same on the third slide.

Now, think about how you could change your original presentation so it could fit in a more casual setting, such as interviewing for a volunteer position at a summer children’s camp.

Go back to your original project and make a copy of it.

Rename it.

Complete all the steps you just went through for the formal version, but think about how you could add more creativity and fun to this one.

Choose a fun theme, And an eye-catching background.

Select a casual font that stands out and format the text.

Do the same for the second slide, And also the third.

You have now created two very different versions of the same project. Both provide the same information but are intended for different audiences.

Now, it’s your turn: Change the theme, text formatting, and colors to create a formal version of the project, And do the same for a casual version.

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Add Speaker Notes

Add speaker notes to your presentation.

Create and Share a Slideshow

Add slide transitions and view a presentation in Present mode.

Change the Look of the Slides

Use different themes, text formatting, and colors to create presentations for different audiences.


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