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In this extension, you will add speaker notes to the slide deck you created.

Each slide has a space on the bottom for you to create speaker notes if you wish.

When you are giving a presentation, it will be more interesting if you don’t simply read your slides. Also, you might want to add more information than what is already on each slide. Use the speaker notes to remind yourself of additional important points you want to make when you are in your meeting.

These notes can only be seen by you when you are giving the presentation. The person you are meeting with cannot see them when they are viewing the slides. To begin adding speaker notes, sign in to your Google account and go back to your original project.

Make a copy of your project and rename it. You will make changes to this new copy and compare it with the original project.

First, look at the elevator pitch you created in the lesson. Decide if there is anything additional you want to say when you give your presentation. Type in your speaker notes to remind yourself of those important points so you don’t forget them.

Now, do the same thing for the other slides. Decide on what additional points you want to say about your education, experience, activities, and accomplishments.

Be sure each point you make adds to what is already on the slides. For example, if your slide says that you are on the soccer team, your speaker notes can add details like the years you played and if you have future plans in the sport.

When you’re finished writing your speaker notes, scroll through your presentation and rehearse how you will give it. The goal is to talk about what is on each slide while providing additional information from the speaker notes.

Now, it’s your turn: Write speaker notes on your first slide to give additional information about your elevator pitch, And create speaker notes for the remaining slides as well.

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Add Speaker Notes

Add speaker notes to your presentation.

Create and Share a Slideshow

Add slide transitions and view a presentation in Present mode.

Change the Look of the Slides

Use different themes, text formatting, and colors to create presentations for different audiences.


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