2. Choose a Theme, Title and Subtitle, and Add Slides

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In this video, you will choose a theme for your presentation.

You will also add six slides, add a layout, and fill in the text on the title slide.

Adding a theme gives your slides an overall color scheme and style, so all three slides have the same look and feel.

To begin, choose a theme for your presentation.

You could choose a theme that relates to a detail about your character, like their interests, personality, or appearance.

Or, choose a theme that expresses your own personality and tastes.

Next, you may want your theme to be a different color.

You could change the background to a color that represents something to do with the character or the book.

You can apply this to your theme so that the new slides you add will have the same color.

Let your readers know what your presentation is about by giving it a title and subtitle.

Your title could describe your presentation and who you are interviewing.

Your subtitle could include your name to let readers know who interviewed your character.

Now, add a new slide after your title slide.

Choose the layout you like best.

Then, add at least five more slides to your presentation.


  1. Choose a theme for your presentation.
  2. Adjust the background color of your theme.
  3. Add a title and subtitle.
  4. Add six slides with layouts.