4. Add and Format Character’s Answers

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Now that you have written questions to ask your character, decide how they might answer them.

You will play the role of your character and think about how they would respond to the questions.

To write answers in the role of the character, think about what you know about them.

Your character has characteristics that make them interesting and unique.

What does your character care about?

Is your character always nervous or is it calm?

Is your character happy, or is it angry?

Is your character always in a rush?

Is your character kind and always helping others?

To begin, go to the slide after your first question.

Next, write your character’s name in the title box to show who is responding to the question.

Then, write your answer to the first question.

Refer to the book or story your character is in to help you determine how they would respond to the question.

You may need to make inferences.

Next, adjust the font size of your text so that it’s easier to read.

Now, change the color of the title and text on your answer slides.

This helps set them apart from your question slides and adds an interesting visual element.

Then, follow the same steps to write your second answer.

Alternate the slides you are writing your answers on so they are right after the questions being asked.

Then, add your third answer.

When you’re finished adding your answers and making adjustments to your text, your presentation is ready to be viewed.

Play the presentation for yourself so you can decide if it is ready to be viewed by an audience.


  1. Add your character’s name to three blank slides between your question slides.
  2. Role play your character and write three responses to the questions.
  3. Adjust the color and size of the text.
  4. View your presentation.