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In this video, you will create a title slide and set up the first scene of your story.

Your group will work together at one computer to create the first two slides. Later, you will add more slides to the presentation on your own.

First, create the title slide. Add a title that fits your story. For example, your title might be “Rainforest Adventure,” “Lost in Space,” or “Totally Awesome story.”

These are just examples--your group will create its own unique title.

Add a subtitle if you’d like, or leave this box blank. This example uses “An interactive story.” Next, add a new slide by clicking the “New Slide” button. Describe the problem in your story.

In this example, the main character decides to go on a rain forest adventure.

In the body of the slide, provide more detail about the problem. This might include describing the main character, and where the story is set.

Once your group has described the problem, discuss the choices the reader could make at this point.

Each group member should come up with at least one choice.

Don’t put these choices on the slide yet. In the next video, each group member will add one choice and create a new slide.

Now, it’s your turn: Gather your group around one computer. As a group, add a title and a subtitle to your title slide. Add a new slide and describe the story’s problem. Then, talk about choices the reader could make.

Finally, return to your computer and move on to the next video.


  1. Gather around one computer.
  2. As a group, add a title and subtitle.
  3. Add a new slide and describe the story’s problem.
  4. Discuss reader choices.