1. Write an If-Then Adventure Story Introduction

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In this activity, your group will collaborate to select the setting, characters, and problems for your story.

Digital collaboration uses technology to share information, brainstorm ideas, and help groups make decisions.

It allows people all over the world to work together in real time.

You can collaborate in a document by: Writing with someone else Adding comments, or Suggesting edits.

In this activity, you and your group members will brainstorm story elements in a shared document from your own computers.

Then, you’ll add comments to discuss and select which elements you’ll include in your story.

To start, select one member of your group to create a copy of the starter document and share it with the entire group.

This allows everyone in your group to work in the same document.

If you are that person, click the starter project linked on this page.

Then, make a copy.

Only one member of your group will make a copy of this document.

Rename the document "Story Brainstorm."

Share it and enter the email address of each group member.

Once the document has been shared, open it from your own computer.

To open a shared document, go to Google. com, and select Google Drive.

View your shared files, and double click the file to open it.

Then, return to Google Drive and move the file to “My Drive”.

While the file is still selected, click “add to my drive.”

Return to the document.

At the top, you should see each person in your group.

Once everyone in your group has opened the shared file, move on to the next video to begin brainstorming story elements.

Now, it’s your turn: Select one person in your group to: Open the starter project, and make a copy.

Name it: "Story Brainstorm,” and Share it with your group.

Once the file is shared, open it at your own computer and add the file to your drive.

Once all your group members have opened the document, move on to the next video.


Select one person to:
  1. Open starter project and make a copy.
  2. Name it "Story Brainstorm" and share it with your group.
  3. Once shared, open it at your own computer and add file to drive.