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3. Research Online for Reliable Sources

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In the previous video, you brainstormed with your group to list at least five guidelines or tips you can follow to prevent cyberbullying. In this video, you will search online for more ideas to add to your list. Then you will link the websites you use for your new guidelines.

To start, open a new tab in your browser and go to google dot com.

Then, type keywords or phrases that will help you find the ideas you’re looking for.

Scan through your results. To find the best sources for your research, look at the URLs of the websites in your results. Government websites ending in dot gov, nonprofit organizations ending in dot org, and university websites ending in dot e-d-u are good places to start. Click on a website and read through the suggested actions.

When you find a tip or guideline that you think is helpful, add it to your list.

Make sure you rephrase it in your own words, so you’re not copying directly from your source. Then, add a link to the website as a way of citing your sources. To cite something is to give credit to a source when you use it for research. In this lesson, you will use links to cite your sources. Copy the URL of the website you used in your research. Then, after the guideline, type the word source...

Insert your link... And paste the URL.

Add at least two new tips, and their sources, from your research.

Then, to make your document easier to read, organize it.

Change the style of your heading to make it larger and bolder.

And add bullets to your list of guidelines. Select your entire list and choose a bullet style.

Nice work! Now you have an organized list of guidelines that you and your group can refer back to later.

There’s no need to save your document. It’s saved automatically to your Google Account, so you can access it at any time from any device connected to the internet.

Now, it’s your turn: Research online and choose reliable websites as sources, Add two more guidelines to your list, Insert links to your sources, Change the format of your heading, And add bullets to your list.



  1. Research online and choose reliable websites as sources.
  2. Add two more guidelines to your list.
  3. Insert links to your sources.
  4. Change the format of your heading.
  5. And add bullets to your list.