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Create a Kindness Art Project

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In this extension, you will use Google Drawings to make a picture that shows kindness, respect, or admiration.

Then, you will download the image to share it online.

One way to counteract cyberbullying in your school is to be kinder to your friends, classmates, and acquaintances.

Acts of kindness include: Smiling at friends, teachers, and other school employees, Giving your friends compliments, Helping classmates who are struggling with homework, and sharing positive things online.

To start, create a blank canvas in Google Drawings.

Give your drawing a title.

Next, customize the "Page Setup."

Change the layout to “8.5 x 11” inches if you want to print your drawing on a standard sized piece of paper.

Or, choose the size that fits your design.

Then, insert "Word Art."

"Word Art" is a tool you can use to create words with different colors, borders, and fonts.

Type the title of the project.

Next, adjust the formatting.

Change the Word Art’s color, font, or size.

Change the text border, if you’d like....

...and adjust the location of the new title.

Change the background color.

Use a solid or gradient color that represents your friend or topic and isn’t too distracting.

Next, add images to the drawing.

You may have pictures saved to your computer, Google Drive, or in Google Photos.

Or, you may want to search online for images that remind you of your friend or other kindness topic.

Search for the image and make sure you have the right to use the image.

Continue adding images that represent your topic.

Arrange your images on the page.

Make them bigger or smaller to help them fit on the page, or change the order to how you’d like to show them on the drawing.

Crop your images, if you’d like.

Then, insert Word Art or a text box, to say something kind about your friend or topic.

Finally, download the project to share it online.

But if your project was about a specific person, be sure to get their permission first.

Or, attach it to an email to show that person.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a new drawing and rename it, insert Word Art, update the background color, search for images online and add them to your drawing, arrange and crop images, add text or more Word Art, and download the drawing as an image.

Choose an Extension
Share Your Document for Feedback

Share your cyberbullying guidelines document with another student or group and ask for feedback.

Format Your Document

Update the formatting of your cyberbullying guidelines document to make it more useful and visually appealing.

Write an Email About Cyberbullying

Write an email to a trusted adult about an example of cyberbullying that you have seen or experienced, and ask for help.

Make a Class Presentation about Cyberbullying

Create a presentation about how to identify and avoid cyberbullying.

Create a Kindness Art Project

Create a collage about a friend, activity, or experience at your school and write positive things on it to share online.

Make a Classroom Poster

Make your cyberbullying guidelines document into a poster to print and hang around your classroom or school.


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