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6. Extensions: Identify Cyberbullying
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Try the extensions below.

Choose an Extension
Share Your Document for Feedback
Share your cyberbullying guidelines document with another student or group and ask for feedback.
Format Your Document
Update the formatting of your cyberbullying guidelines document to make it more useful and visually appealing.
Write an Email About Cyberbullying
Write an email to a trusted adult about an example of cyberbullying that you have seen or experienced, and ask for help.
Make a Class Presentation
Work with the other groups in your class to make a class presentation about how to identify and avoid cyberbullying.
Create a Kindness Art Project
Create a collage about a friend, activity, or experience at your school and write positive things on it to share online.
Make a Classroom Poster
Make your cyberbullying guidelines document into a poster to print and hang around your classroom or school.
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Choose an extension to continue learning cyberbullying prevention tips and digital skills to share projects, make a poster or slideshow, create a kindness art project, and more.