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2. Brainstorm Community Guidelines in a Document

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Devices, such as smartphones or laptops, allow people to communicate quickly and easily.

But, it’s also easy to respond in a conversation or comment on a story before you have a chance to think about how it will affect someone else.

One way to help prevent cyberbullying is to think ahead of time about how you will handle online interactions. In this video, you will work with your partner or group to brainstorm guidelines for how to communicate online or with your device.

You will record these ideas in the document you created in the previous video.

To start, give your document a title. Then, think of questions you might ask yourself before you post a message online or text someone you know. Planning in advance helps you consider others’ feelings and the consequences of your words and actions.

You might ask yourself questions that help you slow down and consider others' feelings before you post or comment online. Some questions to consider might be: Would I say this to someone’s face? How might it make the person feel?

Would I want someone to say this to me or about me?

You might also think about the consequences of what you are about to say or do, such as: Will this hurt anyone’s reputation? And how would I react if this was written or said about me?

Choose guidelines that you would want everyone to follow and that you would follow yourself.

Type one question on each line.

Or, you might decide to create specific tips about good and bad times to communicate online.

Strong emotions like anger can cause people to post hurtful things they might regret later.

Discuss your ideas with your group until you have at least five guidelines.

There are several ways to come up with ideas. You can brainstorm with your group to think about things you know have happened to others from online interactions. Maybe someone’s feelings got hurt or you got into an argument with a friend.

Use these experiences to ask questions or give tips you think will help prevent cyberbullying.

Or, you can go outside your group and ask other classmates or friends about how to be kind and positive online. Another option is to do research online. In the next video, you will learn how to research specific topics online, find reliable websites, and cite your sources. Now, it’s your turn: With your partner or your group, brainstorm a list of at least five guidelines or tips for deciding what to post online or text to someone.



  1. With your partner or your group, brainstorm a list of at least five guidelines or tips for deciding what to post online or text someone.