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4. Lesson: Link Your Custom Map

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In this video, you will add a link from your custom map to your area guide, so your users can access it.

To do this, you will merge cells in your spreadsheet and add instructions about your map.

Then, you will link the text to your map’s URL.

First, create a space for the map link in your area guide.

Unfreeze the header row and insert a row underneath it.

Next, merge several cells in this row to make a large space for your map link.

Highlight the three cells under Location name, Address, and Description.

Select Format, and merge cells.

Type text in the merged cells to tell your users to check out the map.

Use whatever text you’d like.

Change the format of the text and the cell, so it is very noticeable.

Then, freeze the top two rows.

Next, link this text to the URL for your map.

In your Google MyMap, click Share.

Then, copy the link using keyboard commands.

Click back to your area guide.

Select the merged cell you created.

Click Insert and Link.

Check it out.

Click somewhere else in the spreadsheet.

Then, click the linked text and the URL.

Your map opens in a new window.


Now your users can use your area guide and your map as they explore the area you chose!

Now, it’s your turn: Unfreeze the top row of your area guide.

Insert another row underneath the headers, and merge several cells in this row.

Add text that instructs your users to click on the cell.

Format the cell, so it is noticeable.

Then, link the text to your custom map URL.

When you’ve finished these steps, move on to the next video to wrap up this activity.

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