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7. Reusing Data in Multiple Ways

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In this activity, you began creating a guide to an area to collect and organize information about what visitors can see, do, eat, or experience.

People use guides all the time when they travel.

Some travel guides are printed as books, but you have to flip through many pages to find what you need.

You could make an area guide in a document, too.

Online documents are easy to share and access, but people still have to look through long lists and lots of pages to find the informationthey need.

Creating an interactive, digital guide in a spreadsheet makes all that data sortable and reusable, saving your users time and effort.

Your users will be able to sort, filter, and interact with the information and reuse the data in ways that work best for them.

In the next activities, you will add additional features to make your guide even more interactive and easy to use.

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