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1. Organize Data to Create an Area Guide

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Hey everyone, I’m KaMar!

In this unit, you will build an interactive guide to an area that includes places to visit.

This is your chance to share an area you like with others!

You might describe your favorite hometown spots for a visiting relative.

Or, you could include your favorite attractions from a vacation.

Digital guides offer current information about a place you might visit or move to.

For example, travel websites and apps include: recommendations, information about points of interest, photos, and personal observations from people who have visited an area.

Your guide will have all of this information and more!

To make your guide, you will: Choose an area.

Set up a spreadsheet to organize information Add locations Provide recommendations and a rating scale.

And finally, add interactive images and customized maps.

Now that you have an idea of what you’ll do in this unit, move on to the first activity, where you will choose a location for your guide and set up your spreadsheet.

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