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In this video, you will choose a general area and an audience for your guide.

This activity will be easier if you choose a location that is familiar to you.

This guide is your chance to share something special or interesting about a geographic area with others.

Create your guide about any area you like.

Just be sure to choose a location with an address you can find on a map.

For example, don’t choose “outer space” or “in the ocean.”

Next, think about the specific users of your guide.

Travel guides are often aimed at a specific group of travelers.

A guide might be for: parents outdoor enthusiasts or history buffs.

Making your guide for a specific audience will help you choose additional locations for your guide.

Once you’ve decided on a geographic area and an audience, rename your spreadsheet with this information.

In the next video, you will set up your spreadsheet and add specific locations.

Now, it’s your turn: Choose a geographic area for your guide and specify an audience.

Change your spreadsheet title to reflect the geographic area and audience of your guide.

Then, move on to the next video to start working in your spreadsheet.


  1. Choose a geographic area for your guide.
  2. Perform a search to start finding some possible locations to include.
  3. Specify an audience for your guide.
  4. Add the geographic area and audience to your spreadsheet title.
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