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4. Add Column Headings

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In this video, you will create column headings in your spreadsheet to organize data in your guide.

You will also change the font styles and colors, to make your guide fun and easy to use.

When your guide is complete, each row will contain information about a location, and each column will describe location details.

To start, create column headings for: “Location name” and “address.”

This is basic information your audience will need to use your guide.

“Description,” to give the audience a little more detail.

“Category” to make your guide sortable by type, and “Rating,” so you can provide a review of each place.

After adding these columns for basic information, add one or two more columns based on your area or audience.

Consider: What details does my audience need to know?

Is there a category specific to this audience’s interests?

Is there anything special about this location?

For example, this guide for Charleston dog owners includes a category to indicate if the location is dog friendly.

Next, experiment with different font styles, colors, and sizes to make the headings stand out.

To change all of the text in a cell, select it.

Change the style, Color, or size of the font.

Bold the text, or italicize it.

You can also change the font in the whole column or row at once.

Select the heading row.

Then, make your font changes.

Now, they apply to the entire row.

In the next video, you will add locations in the horizontal rows of your sheet.

Now, it’s your turn: Add five column headings to your guide to cover basic information about each place, including: Name Address Description Category And rating.

Then, add one or two more column headings that are specific to your area or audience.

Change the font style, size, or color to make your headings stand out.

When you’re ready, move on to the next video to start adding locations.


  1. Add five column headings to your guide.
  2. Make sure the column headings cover the basic information about each place: Name, Address, Why You Should Go, Category, Rating.
  3. Add one or two more column headings specific to your area or audience.
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