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7. Explore More Ways to Use Your Data

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Congratulations on writing a program that adds an interactive sidebar to your area guide.

Now users can access all kinds of information using your spreadsheet.

If an application doesn't have a function you want, you may be able to code it yourself.

You can always search the Google Support site to find information about other features you can code with Apps Script.

Search the internet for "Apps Script support".

Or, from the Script Editor, click help and documentation.

The code you created can be used in any spreadsheet about any subject.

For example, this spreadsheet about cat feeding uses the same code.

It creates a custom menu and embedded links to let pet caretakers see photos of the cats.

Creating new projects and coding add-ons takes some work.

But, once you’ve created something, you can reuse that work to make new items and add exciting features to more projects.

To create a similar project, make a copy of your spreadsheet and rename it.

Then, fill it in with different data and embedded links.

Change the names of the custom menu and sidebar if you like.

The code you built can apply to almost anything you make in Google Sheets.

In the next activity, you will reuse the code and the data in your spreadsheet to make an interactive map of the area in your guide.

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