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5. Customize Titles and Instructions

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So far in this unit, you created an area guide that includes locations, descriptions, images -- lots of helpful information about your area.

But it’s hard to tell what your guide does just by looking at it.

In this video, you will customize the text in the menu, sidebar, and spreadsheet to show your users how your guide works.

First, change the title of the custom menu.

Open the Script Editor if it isn’t open already.

Find the title "custom menu" in the first part of the code.

Change it to something fun and descriptive, like "Learn More," "Cool Stuff to See," or "Closer Look."

Anything you type between the single quotation marks will appear in the menu exactly as written.

Come up with your own, unique title that makes users want to find out more.

Try it out. Save your code.

Then, run the onOpen function.

Next, change the show sidebar menu item to a more specific title.

Call it anything you like.

Finally, type a more personal title for the sidebar.

Save your code, then run the onOpen function.

The menu titles changed.

Now, the custom menu button, the show sidebar menu title, and the sidebar title all include the personalized messages you coded. Great work!

When you’ve finished changing the titles in the code, give your user more instructions in the spreadsheet.

Change the heading for the "Image Links" column.

Give detailed but brief instructions to your users, so they know how the links work.

Keep this column title short.

In the next video, you will add more embedded links and media to your area guide.


  1. Change the custom menu titles and sidebar title in the script editor.
  2. Change the Image Links column heading in the spreadsheet so that it gives instructions to your users.
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