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1. Add Interactive Images

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In previous activities, you started building your area guide and added data to your spreadsheet.

Then, you sorted and filtered the spreadsheet to personalize that data.

In this activity, you will write a computer program that displays an interactive sidebar when the user clicks a custom menu.

To add the sidebar and embedded images to your spreadsheet, you will write code in the Google Sheets script editor.

Creating a computer program requires lots of steps.

To create your sidebar, you will break the task into smaller steps that are easier to code.

Your program will complete three actions, which you will code in three steps.

First, you will create a sidebar in your spreadsheet.

Then, you will add a clickable menu to make the sidebar appear.

Finally, you will code the sidebar to appear when a user clicks a link in the spreadsheet.

Coding is a powerful skill.

As you’ll see, it only takes a little bit of coding knowledge to add exciting features to a project like your area guide.

To begin, open your area guide spreadsheet if it isn’t open already.

Then, from the “tools” menu, choose “Script Editor.”

This opens the script editor where you will create your program.

Name this project “Location Sidebar.”

Now, it’s your turn: Open your area guide spreadsheet.

Then, open the Script Editor.

Name the project “Location Sidebar.”

Then, move on to the next video to get started coding.


  1. Open your Area Guide spreadsheet.
  2. Open the Script Editor.
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