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4. Sort and Filter in Google Sheets

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In the last video, you added a rating scale to your area guide using data validation.

In this video, you will customize the look of your spreadsheet.

You will freeze the top row so you users can see it as they move around the sheet.

Then, you will sort and filter the data to make it easy for you and others to use.

Finally, you will digitally share your spreadsheet with your partner.

Every person processes, views, and uses information in different ways.

Sorting and filtering the data in your area guide allows your users to customize the information you’ve collected.

First, freeze the header row in your spreadsheet, so this row will stay at the top of the sheet even when you sort and filter your guide.

Highlight the row.

From the view menu, choose freeze...

and one row.

This locks the row in place.

If you scroll down the sheet, the header row stays visible.

Next, sort your sheet.

First, sort by category.

Select the category column.

Then, sort the sheet.

Now the locations are grouped by category.

That way, you can find places in a certain category quickly, like parks...

or restaurants.

Sort by another category, like Rating.

Select the Rating column, and choose sort.

Sorting allows you to quickly see the best-rated places of each type.

Next, filter the spreadsheet.

To filter means to show some data and hide the rest.

Filtering lets the person using your guide remove the data they don’t want to see.

Turn the filters on.

Filter buttons appear in the corner of each column header.

To filter your guide by category, click the button in the Category header.

Remove the checkmarks from the categories you don’t want to see.

Now the selected categories appear, but the filtered categories are hidden.

Next, add an additional filter for rating.

In the box, check which ratings you’d like to see.

This allows you to customize your view of the data even more.

Now you only see the locations in the categories you like best and the items that are rated the highest.

To view the entire area guide again, turn off the filters.

Now that you’ve completed your own area guide, share your guide with a partner.

If you do not know who your partner is, ask your teacher.

To share your guide with your partner, click Share and enter your partner’s email address.

Look in your Google Drive to find the shared file.

Open it and check out your partner’s area guide.

Sort it..

and filter it.

Then, let them know what you think.


  1. Freeze the header row.
  2. Sort the spreadsheet.
  3. Filter the spreadsheet.
  4. Share your area guide with your partner.
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