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3. Rate Locations with Data Validation

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In this video, you will add a drop-down menu for location ratings using data validation.

Data validation will use the data from the list on the “rating” sheet you made in the last video to create a drop-down list in the rating column in your guide.

That way, you can select the rating rather than typing it in every time.

To use data validation, click on the area guide tab in your spreadsheet.

Select the rating column by clicking the column header.

This group of selected cells is called a range.

Data validation and formulas in Google Sheets often use data from a range to populate cells with correct information.

With the range still highlighted, select “Data” and “Validation.”

You’ve already selected the cell range.

These are the cells where the drop-down menu will appear.

Next, choose how you will populate the drop-down list.

In this case, you will use the list you made in your “Ratings” sheet.

Make sure “List from a range” is selected.

Then, select the range.

Click the grid symbol.

Then, click the “Rating” tab.

Highlight the column containing your rating scale.

This is the “range” of values that will appear in the dropdown list.

Save your changes.

Then, return to your area guide to try it out.

The “rating” column now contains drop-down menus with your rating scale.

Use the drop-down menus to rate each of the locations in your guide.

Nice work!

If you want to add or change an item in your rating scale, just return to the rating sheet and make your changes.

Go back to your guide.

The change appears automatically in all of the drop-down menus in the range!

That’s much easier than typing in a change over and over in the whole column.

Right now, the first cell in the column shows an error message because it doesn’t contain text from your ratings list.

To fix this, select the column, and open the data validation menu.

Then, remove data validation from this cell.


Now, it’s your turn: Select the rating column in your area guide.

From the data menu, choose “Validation.”

Select “List from a range” as your criteria and click the range criteria grid.

Click the rating tab.

Highlight the column containing the rating scale.

Save your changes.

Then, rate your locations!

When you’re finished rating all of your locations, click the arrow to move on to the next video.


  1. Highlight the rating column.
  2. Choose Validation.
  3. Click range criteria grid.
  4. Click the rating tab. Highlight the column containing the rating scale.
  5. Save.
  6. Rate your places.
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