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In this video, you will create categories to rate locations in your area guide.

Your rating will let your users know how strongly you would recommend each location in your guide.

Rating scales and reviews help users decide whether a location is worth visiting and whether it will meet their needs.

How you choose to rate the locations in your guide will be up to you.

First, add a column heading for “rating.”

You could simply start typing ratings into that column.

But, that’s time consuming, and it’s easy to make a mistake.

If the ratings are inconsistently spelled or in different formats, your audience won’t easily be able to sort or filter the data.

To ensure that your rating system is consistent, use “data validation” to fill in your rating scale.

“Data validation” allows you to create a drop-down list in cells in your spreadsheet.

Then, each time you rate a location, you can choose from the list you made.

Data validation makes sure that all of the information you type is correct and in the right format, so you can sort and filter it later.

To use data validation, you will first create a separate list of ratings.

Then, you will insert the list into a “rating” column of your area guide as a drop-down menu.

To start, add a new sheet to your project.

The sheet appears at the bottom of your area guide.

Right click on the tab and select “Rename.”

Then, name the new sheet “Rating.”

Rename the first sheet “Area Guide.”

Click the tabs to switch between the area guide and the rating sheet.

Return to the “Rating” sheet to create your rating scale.

Type one rating in each cell in the first column of the sheet.

Number the ratings in order.

Make one the “best” rating, and the highest number the “worst.”

Include as many ratings as you like.

This example goes from 1 to 5, with one being the best.

Create your own rating scale that is relevant to your guide and your users.

You would probably make a different rating scale for visiting family than you would for your friends, for example.

In the next video, you will set up data validation in your spreadsheet using the rating scale you made.

Now, it’s your turn: Add a second sheet.

Name it “Rating.”

Rename the first sheet “Area Guide.”

Type in a list of ratings on the rating sheet.

Number the list from best to worst.

Then, move on to the next video to set up data validation in your spreadsheet.


  1. Add a second sheet. Name it "Rating."
  2. Rename the first sheet "Area Guide."
  3. Type in a list of ratings on the rating sheet. Number the list from best to worst.
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