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3. Explore Women’s History
Students can submit work

If you're working by yourself, choose a topic below.
If you're working with a group, have everyone in your group gather around one computer, then choose your topic together.

Choose a Topic
Women in STEM
Research the contributions women have made to the development of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. (U.S. and International)
Women in Arts and Entertainment
Discover the achievements of women artists and entertainers. (U.S. and International)
Women in Sports
Explore the history of women’s sports. (U.S. and International)
Women Leaders in the 21st Century
Learn more about women leaders in the contemporary world. (U.S. and International)
Women in American Government
Research women who have served in the U.S. government. (U.S.)
Women's Suffrage Movement
Explore the history of the women’s suffrage movement. (U.S.)
Women and Civic Engagement
Explore the history of women activists in America. (U.S.)
Women in World War II
Discover the accomplishments of American women during WWII. (U.S)
Biography of a Key Figure in Women's History
Study the life of a remarkable woman. (U.S. and International)
History of the Celebration of Women's History
Learn about the celebration of women’s history became a national and global movement. (U.S. and International)