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3. Explore Innovators

If you're working by yourself, choose a topic below.
If you're working with a group, have everyone in your group gather around one computer, then choose your topic together.

Choose an Extension

Research innovators in the field of science: Physicists, chemists, biologists, and other scientists


Explore inventors of new technologies and devices.

Mathematics and Engineering

Explore innovative mathematicians and engineers.


Explore innovators in the field of technology: computer scientists, programmers, and AI researchers.


Research innovative business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Explore innovators in the field of medicine, including medical scientists, researchers, and doctors.

Politics and Government

Research innovators and leaders in politics and government.


Research and explore innovative journalists, novelists, poets, and other writers.

The Arts

Research innovators in the field of the arts, including painters, architects, filmmakers, and other artists.