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3. Explore Earth Day
Students can submit work

If you're working by yourself, choose a topic below.
If you're working with a group, have everyone in your group gather around one computer, then choose your topic together.

Choose a Topic
The History of Earth Day
Learn about the history of the celebration of Earth Day.
Discover the impact of the Earthrise image.
The History of American Environmentalism
Explore the history of environmental awareness and protection in America.
Climate Change
Learn more about the environmental concepts of climate change.
Environmental Pollution
Research the causes and effects of environmental pollution.
Endangered Species and Ecosystems
Learn more about endangered species and ecosystems, the reasons for the endangerment, and what can be done to help.
Renewable Energy
Research the development of renewable energy and its effects on the environment and the economy.
Learn more about the process of recycling.
Sustainable Cities
Discover the innovations of sustainable cities.
Green Vehicles
Explore the past and future of green vehicles.