Insert Your Diagram into a Presentation

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In this extension, you will insert your scientific  diagram into a presentation in Google Slides.

The first slide will show the diagram  you created in the original lesson, while the second will provide more  information about one of the parts.

The purpose of a scientific diagram is to show  and label the important parts of an object.

But sometimes, the person looking at the diagram  may want to know more about a specific part.

A presentation gives you a way  to provide that information.

To begin, go to Google Drive  and open your original drawing.

Publish your drawing to the web.

This creates a link that allows you to  insert the image into your presentation.

Press Control-C to copy the link.

Then, create a new presentation  to insert your diagram into.

Rename it.

Format your slide...

...and press Control-V to insert your diagram  using the URL that you just copied.

Now, select 1 part of your diagram, and add a  second slide to share more information about it.

Add at least 3 facts that you  know about the part on the slide.

Align the title...

...and format the text by  changing the color or styling.

You can even change the  background color if you wish.

Choose an Extension
Color-Code Your Diagram

Color-code your diagram and make a key.

Write a Short Description of Your Diagram

Write a short description of your diagram to explain the information you were showing in the drawing.

Insert Your Diagram into a Presentation

Insert your diagram into a presentation in Google Slides. One slide will show the original scientific diagram. The other slide will provide three facts about a specific part.


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