Color-Code Your Diagram

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In this extension, you will  color-code your diagram and make a key so people can  visually understand it better.

One way to improve the way you show the  information in your diagram is to color-code it.

This categorizes the details into groups by  color and makes them clearer to understand.

While adding color to your diagram  can make it look more interesting, what is most important in a scientific  diagram is the information you show.

Scientific diagrams don’t  need to have color at all, but if you do use it, be careful  and thoughtful with your colors.

To begin, open your original example project.

Then, add color in a way that makes  the most sense for your diagram.

If there is more than one of the same  part, use the same color for all of them.

Click on the main border to change its color.

Then, add a key somewhere on your drawing that  people can use to understand your diagram more.

The key should show what colors  you used for the different parts.

Choose an Extension
Color-Code Your Diagram

Color-code your diagram and make a key.

Write a Short Description of Your Diagram

Write a short description of your diagram to explain the information you were showing in the drawing.

Insert Your Diagram into a Presentation

Insert your diagram into a presentation in Google Slides. One slide will show the original scientific diagram. The other slide will provide three facts about a specific part.


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