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In this video, you will use simple  shapes to draw your diagram.

You will draw the parts to scale, which  means in proportion to each other, and make the borders of some thicker for emphasis.

First, pick a scientific topic to diagram,  or use one assigned by your teacher.

If it will help you with your drawing, search  for an image of the topic to reference.

There are many topics in science that  lend themselves well to diagrams, like a diagram that shows the  parts of a seed, or even the brain.

There are many possibilities, but try to  pick one that’s not too complicated and has simple shapes and many parts that can be labeled.

To begin, return to the blank drawing  you created in the last video.

Insert a text box and give your diagram a title.

Format the text.

Then, draw the basic shape of your subject.

Choose one or more shapes that  best match how your subject looks.

Don’t worry about whether the diagram is  attractive -- it’s more important to be accurate.

As you draw, decide how much  space the whole drawing will need.

Remember that you will need space for all  the parts of the diagram and the labels, so if it works best for your  drawing, resize the page.

Insert other shapes as you need them.

Try to keep the drawing as factual as possible.

For example, if parts are connected or  touching, make sure to show that in the drawing.

Rotate the parts as needed.

Try to draw the parts to  scale as much as possible.

They should be in the same proportion  to each other as they are in real life.

Often, this will mean thinking about how  much space the entire drawing will take and then how much of that space  will be taken up by each part.

For example, in this drawing, the mitochondria should not be nearly as big as the nucleus or permanent vacuole.

Next, make the background of your diagram  transparent so each part shows up clearly.

To show the difference  between parts in the drawing or to emphasize certain parts, you can make  their borders thicker, so that they stand out.


  1. Title your diagram.
  2. Add simple shapes to draw your diagram.
  3. Make the background transparent.
  4. Make some borders thicker for emphasis.