2. Make Calculations for Your Model

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In this video, you will explore the data in the starter project and recalculate the scaled measurements.

The starter project contains the actual measurements of the sun and planets as well as measurements for a scale model. By recalculating the scaled measurements, you can create an appropriate model size for your own project.

For example, you might make objects bigger to study them more closely, or reduce the size of objects to make it easier to move and test them. In this lesson, the images of the solar system will be resized so they can fit in the drawing. Changing your scaled measurements can also help you better demonstrate comparisons and relationships among the objects in a system.

To begin, look at the data in columns B and C. The diameter of the sun is scaled to one hundred inches. The planet’s measurements are scaled in relation to the sun using a formula.

Change the scale measurement of the sun to 48 inches.

When you change the measurement of the sun, the formula automatically updates the measurements of the planets to keep them to scale in relation to the sun and each other. You can use these measurements to create your model. Now, it’s your turn: Explore the solar system data, And recalculate the scale measurements.


  1. Explore the solar system data.
  2. Recalculate the scale measurements.