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Turn Your Images into Clickable Links

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In this extension, you will add website links to the images of the planets.

When someone clicks on a link, they can go to a website that provides more information about something in your model. To begin, open your drawing.

Decide which image you would like to add your first link to.

Then, open a new tab to search for more information about the image.

As you look through the results, find websites that are both reliable and trustworthy.

Sites that end in “.gov” or “.edu” are typically reliable.

Copy the web address of the website using your keyboard or mouse.

Go back to the tab for your drawing and click on the image you want to add the link to.

Then, use your keyboard or mouse to paste the website link...

And make the image clickable.

Continue adding links to your images. Choose images for which additional information about your model would be useful.

Next, download your drawing as a PDF file.

A PDF is a type of file that allows you to print or view a document while keeping all of its formatting.

The PDF of your drawing will have clickable links that will work online.

Now, it’s your turn: Search for extra information on reliable websites, Insert links to websites in your images, And download your drawing as a PDF.

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Share the drawing of your model with a partner for feedback and revise your work based on the feedback.

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Turn Your Images into Clickable Links

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