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Add a Word Art Title to Your Model

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In this extension, you will use Word Art to add a title to your solar system model. Using Word Art to create a title allows you to clearly state the topic of your model while using your creativity.

To begin, open your drawing.

Adjust the placement of your images and text to make room for your title.

In this example, the size of the planets is important to the model, so they should not be resized. But you can resize your images for other models if you need to.

Insert the title of the model as Word Art.

Then, place the text box where you want it on the canvas.

Next, change the style of the Word Art to suit your purpose starting with the font. Think about your audience as you work. For example, if this is a model for a science class, you should use a simple style that does not take the focus away from your purpose.

Change the size of the Word Art...

And the fill color as needed. Choose a fill color that will be visible against the background.

Depending on the size of your word art, you can add a border and change the border’s thickness.

Now, it’s your turn: Make space on your canvas for a title, Add a title using Word Art, And format the Word Art.

Choose an Extension
Share Your Model for Feedback

Share the drawing of your model with a partner for feedback and revise your work based on the feedback.

Add a Word Art Title to Your Model

Add a title to the drawing of your model using Word Art.

Turn Your Images into Clickable Links

Add links to images in your drawing to provide extra information about your model.